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Manfrotto Double Super Clamp (038)

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038 Manfrotto Double Super Clamp The Manfrotto Double Super Clamp (038) is available in a left mount and a right...
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038 Manfrotto Double Super Clamp

The Manfrotto Double Super Clamp (038) is available in a left mount and a right mount version. When being used to mount a horizontal cross bar from 2 vertical support bars, one left mount and one right mount Double Super Clamps should be purchased.

  • Tripod clamps with 90° fastening for extra strength
  • Crafted from lightweight cast alloy
  • Versatile enough for tubes between 13mm and 55mm
  • Crafted to Italy’s world-leading standards
  • Perfect for supporting background crossbars

Super strong, extra lightweight and totally versatile. The Double Super Clamp is an essential piece of kit for any professional. More than just an average clamp, this clever product does everything you need it to and more, plus it's crafted to Italy’s world-class quality standards, so you know it’s built to last.

These clamps are fastened together at a 90° angle, which is one of the product’s key features. This makes it extra tough, and able to support and secure heavy loads with ease. So you can get on with your job without worrying about anything slipping at the wrong moment. Not only that, it’s versatile too. It can hold bars or tubes measuring between 13mm and 55mm, so it really is the clamp for any situation.

This clever clamp can also hold awkward crossbars onto autopoles. With just a few simple movements you'll be in position and ready to shoot. Because it’s made from cast alloy it’s incredibly strong even when under pressure, but lightweight too, making it a manageable addition to any bag. Despite it's heavy-lifting abilities, it only weighs 1050g, making it easy to manoeuvre and carry around.

Manfrotto Double Super Clamp (038)
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