Manfrotto Rapid Flag 24"x36" Kit

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Manfrotto Rapid Flag 18"x24" Kit RapidExoFrame construction for compact pack size Lightweight and collapsible, assembled in seconds Mount via the...
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Manfrotto Rapid Flag 18"x24" Kit

    • RapidExoFrame construction for compact pack size
    • Lightweight and collapsible, assembled in seconds
    • Mount via the female receiver or detachable steel mounting pin
    • Clip on flags for a super-fast set up
    • Designed and manufactured in the UK

    60cm x 91cm (24” x 36”) Flag Kit. Includes:
    2x Rapid Flag RapidExoframes™
    2x Grip Head Mounting Pins
    1x Compact Carry Case.

    4x interchangeable textile covers including:
    1x Single Scrim
    1x Double Scrim
    1x Artificial Silk
    1x Solid Black Cover

    Manfrotto Rapid Flags are a comprehensive, ultra-compact, all-in-one lighting control flag and scrim kit, an ideal solution for content creator on the move or with limited carrying space. With their compact folded form, multiple interchangeable textile cover options and rapid assembly, it now allows a highly versatile set of top-quality flags and scrims to accompany any portable lighting kit without compromising on performance or durability. 

    The Rapid Flag Kits are available in two sizes: 45cm x 60cm (18” x 24”) and 60cm x 91cm (24” x 36”). (Sold separately)

    Manfrotto’s Lighting Control products have provided innovative, high quality, portable lighting control solutions to the world’s most accomplished content creators for over forty five years, with products such as the TriGrip, the Skylite Rapid and the HaloCompact. Now, the new Rapid Flag Kits encompass all that experience and craftsmanship into this new game changing lighting tool, specifically developed for the user who needs all the lighting control and flexibility afforded by flags and scrims but requires a compact form that can be taken anywhere and set up in seconds.

    Flags and scrims are an essential lighting control tool on any set, whether it be photography, video, or a full-scale cinema production. They help to diffuse, stop down, cut or even block light, allowing the content creator to compose their lighting set up perfectly to achieve their desired lighting effect and bring their creative vision to life. 

      The Manfrotto Rapid Flags are the next generation of these essential creative tools, offering all the same features as their fixed steel frame predecessors but designed to be more portable than ever thanks to Manfrotto’s foldable RapidExoframe™ technology.  

    The collapsible, lightweight, yet strong aluminium frame quickly slots together thanks to an internal elastic cord onto-which the textile cover of choice simply snaps on via our specially developed perimeter clip, making for a super-fast set-up. Changing to an alternative textile could not be easier, just unclip and slide off the attached flag or scrim with ease and then attach another directly onto the frame, no time-consuming assembly required. With two frames and four textiles supplied in every kit, there are many combinations at hand for ultimate creativity. 

    The cleverly designed RapidExoFrame™ construction allows the frame to breakdown into small multiple sections and together with the included covers, packs neatly into the included compact carry case measuring only 42cm x 20cm x 10cm (16.5 x 7.8” x 3.9") and weighing only 1.9kg (4.1lb) for the 18”x24” and 2.2kg (4.8lb) for the 24”x36”.  

    The rigid cases’ internal compartments ensure everything is kept securely in place ready for the next shoot, aiding a fast set up time and improving workflow. 

    Another key feature of the Rapid Flags is the versatile mounting point, that allows them to be positioned easily using an array of grip solutions. Each frame features a 16mm (5/8”) baby receiver and a 10mm (3/8”) detachable steel mounting pin making the Rapid Flags ideal for use on tilt heads, support arms and lighting stands as well as grip heads and extension arms as found on set-staple products such as C-Stands. 

    These extremely versatile lighting control kits are built to inspire the imagination of today’s creative imagemakers. Their compact form factor, rapid set up time and innovative design makes it easier than ever to carry essential lighting control tools for a range of lighting situations, opening a whole host of creative opportunities. 

    Manfrotto Rapid Flag 24"x36" Kit
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