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Profoto 'Fast' Battery Charger 4.5A (for B1 / B1X Only)

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Profoto 'Fast' Battery Charger 4.5A (for B1 / B1X Only) 

The 4.5A Fast Charger from Profoto allows you to fully recharge the original B1 battery in one hour and the later B1X’s battery in just over one hour. All of the Profoto B1X off-camera flash kits include a battery charger but all of our battery chargers can also be bought separately.

Additional notice:
The Battery Charger 4.5A cannot be used to charge the B2, for the B2 you use the standard Battery Charger 2.8A.

Supplied with-

  • x1 4.5A Fast Charger
  • x1 Protective Bag
  • x1 UK Mains Cable