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Profoto Glass Cover Plus 100mm Frosted UV -300K

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Profoto Glass Cover Plus 100mm Frosted UV -300K 

Extra-thick and extra-long frosted glass cover for ProHead, ProTwin, Acute/D4 Head and Acute/D4 Twin. 

This Minus -300K UV Cover-Dome is the Standard UV Cover-Dome for the most Neutral Colour, and is supplied with the New ProHeads as Standard. 

The 100 mm length allows it to fit on heads with modelling lamps up to 500W.

The frosting creates a smooth light spread that is well suited to most Profoto Light Shaping Tools.

This Profoto 100mm Frosted Glass Cover is available in optional coatings for a warmer or colder light: Extra UV -600K or UNC (uncoated).

Please contact us for these options.