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Profoto Magic Mannequin II Torso Female

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Magic Mannequin II Torso Female

Optimized for e-commerce photography and compatible with StyleShoots Vertical and ORBITVU Solutions.

Made for high-quality, high-volume on-mannequin image production needs, Magic Mannequin II is lightweight, pinnable, and optimized in shape. No need to use tape that leaves sticky residue or damages your products – simply pin the fabric right on the mannequin and streamline your styling workflow with ease and efficiency.


"widely embraced in the fashion and e-commerce sectors, ghost mannequin capture offer remarkable versatility. Our clients often opt for this method in conjunction with various other photo and content styles such as flat lay, model photography, and fashion videography"


3D-designed and entirely made in the EU, Piocelan is a robust but lightweight hybrid foam material that’s much kinder to the environment than hard plastic and fiberglass traditionally used for mannequin production. Weighing in at less than one kilo, styling, dressing, and exchanging the different mannequin parts takes minimal time while maximizing your studio throughput.

Magnetically removable arms support a streamlined styling workflow, allowing for easy dressing and undressing of the mannequin. Arm positions can be remembered and easily reproduced for consistent visual output. The torso also features various removable necklines to minimize the need for post-production.

The Magic Mannequin II Female Torso comes in size 36/38 (S).

When using one of the Profoto Mannequins as a stand-alone mannequin, a separate Wheelstand is required.

Included parts:

  • Torso, neck (deep cut), neck (crew), neck (top), arm L, and arm R.


  • Magic Mannequin II Female in size 36/38, W28
  • Magic Mannequin II Female torso in size 36/38 (S).
  • Lightweight, pinnable, easy to post-produce.
  • Optimized shape for e-commerce photography.
  • Innovative Piocelan made in EU.
  • Compatible with Profoto StyleShoots Vertical.