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SmokeGENIE Professional Kit

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SmokeGENIE - Professional Kit

A complete professional kit with all accessories for Haze, Fog & Dry-ice Effects.


  • Fog, Haze and Dry Ice effects
  • 500 CFM fog power
  • Easy to replace, rechargeable 18650 cells
  • Food safe smoke formula. No toxic chemicals
  • Reliable full day performance
  • Much more fuel efficient than traditional fog fluids
  • Integrated Coil Protection System for overheat timeout
  • Consistent pleasant smelling fog
  • Up to 10 minutes of continuous fog without causing damage to the heating coil
  • Long lifespan of the atomising chamber
  • Zero downtime: instant ON, auto detection of the heating chamber, 0 seconds boiling time

SmokeGENIE is a nimble device capable of multiple types of smoke, including: dense FOG, atmospheric HAZE, liquid smoke that behaves like DRY ICE, STEAM-like jet pulses, stationery CLOUDS, etc.

The smart interface makes it easy to switch between 25 different power modes, including some very unique types of smoke. The unique fog formula and durable smoke chamber makes huge, dense smoke with much longer hang times than fog machines, and even 2 times longer than traditional hazers.

SmokeGENIE is a heavy-duty machine designed for large-scale production work.

Actors’ Equity Certified Food Safe Smoke Formula
Our unique smoke formula is certified for material safety, with main ingredients being common in skincare and cosmetic products.
Our smoke is NOT ONLY food-safe, but also smells much more pleasant than traditional smoke machines, allowing the model/artist to perform much better in the absence of smoke irritation.

SmokeGENIE is a heavy-duty machine designed for large-scale production work and contains Actors Equity Certified Food Safe Smoke Formula.

The 100ml Cloud Formula provides approximately 200 minutes of smoke production, and is carry-on compatible.

The chamber last approximately 100 hours, and thereafter you get a message to replace the chamber. Plus the SmokeGENIE has an  added safety feature so it can't burn itself out, thus this stops harmful chemicals being released.


    The SmokeGENIE is designed to be easy to use with minimal maintenance. With a simple 3-step setup, it will be ready to serve you for a long time.

    1. Install chamber -
    Screw the Chamber on to the top of the SmokeGENIE main unit.

    2. Refill cloud formula –
    Lift up the Silicone cap at the top of the Smoke Chamber, and fill it with the supplied "Cloud formula" Fog Liquid supplied with the package.

    3. Insert the Batteries –

    • 2x FLAT TOP 18650s for the SmokeGENIE
    • 1x "23A 12V" battery for remote.

    Now you are all set!NOTE:
    Chamber may appear to have moisture or residue upon receipt. Please note that it is completely normal and is there to protect the chamber. To protect the fluid guiding material from deform and erosion during transportation and storage, we have filled 1 ml of Cloud formula before shipping the chamber. The moisture or residue is likely a result of temperature and pressure change during transportation.

    Uses vegetable oil based product.


    • - SmokeGENIE Theatrical Fog Generator
    • - Magic Remote


    • 2x Atomizing Smoke Chamber
    • 1x 100ml of Smoke Formula Refill


    • RC Haze Fan + Fan Dock
    • Jet Tip Nozzle
    • Precision Smoke-Shaping Nozzles (4pcs)
    • Liquid Smoke Nozzle
    • 1x Silicone Extension Tube (30cm)


    • 3x 18650 Batteries
    • USB-C Charging Cable
    • 1/4" mount adapter
    • 1x Protective Hard Case (fits everything)


    • Model: SmokeGENIE v1.2
    • Dimensions: 45 x 65 x 185 (mm)
    • Weight: 0.3KG
    • Battery: SmokeGENIE: 18650 x 2
    • (3.5V, 3000Mah, FLAT TOP, UNPROTECTED)
    • Remote 23A 12V
    • Charging: USB-C (requires 18650 in SmokeGENIE)
    • Fog Liquid Composition:
    • VG (Vegetable Glycerin)
    • PG (Propylene Glycol)
    • Smoke Output: 500 sqft/minute (Max Level w/ Haze Fan)
    • Haze Hang Time:
    • 10-15 minutes (with ventilation)
    • 30-45 minutes (without ventilation)
    • Output Settings:
    • Standard Mode - 5 levels of Smoke + Pump levels.
    • Total of 25 different settings
    • PRO Mode - 10 levels of Smoke + Pump levels
    • Total of 100 different settings
    • Chamber Capacity: 9ml
    • Chamber Lifespan: ~100 hours of smoke output (at max settings)
    • Liquid Run time: ~30 minutes at max outpust setting. (full battery)
    • Battery Run time: ~18 minutes at max output setting. (full tank)
    • Standby Time: 120 minutes. (Auto Power off after idling of 120mins)
    • Control Options: Button Remote (433 MHz)
    • Kit size: 35.5 X 33.0 X 15.0 cm
    • Kit weight: 3.00 kg

    NOTE: Please read instructions before use.