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Stabilmove C-731 Camera Crane

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Stabilmove C-731 Camera Crane

Filming in a new dimension.

The first crane to automatically adjustand align the camera during pivoting. With a Stabilmovecrane, you are both mobile and extremely flexible. The C-731 is designed for any size camera up to a full-frame DSLR (3kg max, including ball head).

Adjustable controls turn the camera as it pivots.
Four cranemodels cover complete usability for every camera, from a lightweight smartphone to heavy-duty DSLRs.
Easily removeable plates by Manfrotto provide Stabilmove cranes with an extremely simple and fast setup.

Stabilmove are designed for anyone who wants to create vivid, smooth tracking shots,including film production crews, advertising agencies,hobby videographersand film schools.

Stabilmove is a patented system, made in Germany.

Technical specifications from C-731

  • Complete with bubble level tube for easy align and levelling
  • Overall lenght 1265 mm
  • Overall lenght to mount 820 mm
  • For camera weight incl. ball head up to 3000g
  • Quick release Manfrotto 323
  • Weight without counterweights 2480 g
  • x3 Counterweights