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Avenger D600 Mini Boom in Chrome Steel w/Built-In Grip Head (D600)

Avenger D600 Mini Boom in Chrome Steel w/Built-In Grip Head (D600)

Price: £177.95
Weight: 3.700 Kgs
Code: D600

The Avenger D600 Mini Boom in chrome steel is an extremely flexible tool that allows you to extend or boom over and around your subject. It has a built-in 2 1/2''grip head that uses a brake pad to provide easy movements up or down, superior locking power and easy mounting to any type of stand. The welded Baby Spigot or stud provides a secure mount for any fixture built with a 5/8''/16mm receiver. Attach a sandbag to the backend hook to provide the ultimate counter-balance and stability to your lights or what ever you are mounting on the spigot.

Use it with C-Stands (A2030D, A2033F, A2033L), rolling stands (A5029, A5036CS), combo stands (A1035B, A1035CS) and windup stands (B6030CS, B6026CS). Recommended Accessories: G200-1, G100-1, E200 if using the boom on a Combo or Wind-up Stand.

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  • Extends from 117 cm/46 in to a maximum of 212 cm/83.4 in
  • Load capacity: 7 kg Max Extension and 30 kg Min Extension
  • Uses a 16 mm/ 5/8 in Welded Baby Spigot or Stud Attachment
  • Built-In D200 Grip Head for Superior Locking & Smooth Operation
  • Built-In Hook for Attaching Sand Bags for Counter-Balance

Note: Any light boom that is not properly balanced is extremely dangerous on a set. When calculating the proper stand on which to attach the boom, be sure to include the amount of counter weight in addition to the lighting fixture and accessories being used.

Max payload:7kg
Max. extension:117 cm
Min. extension:223 cm
Weight:3.7 kg
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