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HiGlide 4.5m Support Rails (PAIR) inc. End Stops

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Pair of HiGlide 4.5 Metre Support Rail (BW-2601) 

This Pair of HiGlide 4.5 Metre Support Rails are manufactured in the UK from structural grade aluminium ensuring an extremely strong, but lightweight system.


  • 4.5 Metre Length (4500mm)
  • Structural Grade Aluminium
  • Compatible With Any HiGlide System
  • Supplied with 8x End Stops and 2x Cable P Clips
  • Made from 70% Recycled Aluminium
  • Heavy Duty Design
  • Made in the UK
  • Pre-Drilled

All HiGlide Rails have the same profile, meaning they can be used either secured to the ceiling as static ‘fixed support rails’, or suspended below the fixed rails as ‘floating movable rails’ which in turn will carry your lighting fixtures via our Litelift Pantograph’s found here.

All our HiGlide Rails are supplied pre-drilled and include HiGlide End Stops for greater safety and security. Not only are there holes pre-drilled for End Stops, but our HiGlide rails are pre-drilled for direct use with our 21cm Rail Joining Plates found here. If longer rails are required for installation the HiGlide static 'fixed support rails' can be joined together to extended your system to any length you desire by using the 21cm Rail Joining Plates (BW-2633). NOTE: the ‘floating movable rails’ should under no circumstances be joined together to create longer length rails because of safety reasons. Where a 'fixed support rail' crosses a ‘floating movable rail’ a double carriage is required, found here

About HiGlide

Remove the need for lighting stands and trailing wires. The HiGlide rail system increases your shooting space and transforms your studio into an efficient working environment. Learn more here.

HiGlide is an innovative system designed in 1980! Now owned, manufactured and distributed by AJ's Studio & Camera Supplies of Bruton, Somerset. This system has withstood the test of time and is an industry standard name and first choice for most Professional Studios, Schools, Colleges, Universities, and other UK institutions.

As our HiGlide system is made in the UK, we have full control on the quality of our product range. All current components are completely compatible with any HiGlide system, no matter what era it was purchased.

Call or email for a system wide quotation.