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Profoto A2 Ambitious Kit 2

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Profoto A2 Ambitious Kit 2



2 x 901250 Profoto A2 Single Head Kit with Battery, Charger & Case
1 x 9013XX Connect Pro Remote (please specify which camera make)
1 x 101303 Clic Softbox Octa
1 x 101304 Clic Octa Grid
1 x 101301 Creative Gel Kit
1 x Small Location Bag - Free Of Charge!


So, you may need something a bit more comprehensive than the Profoto A2 Starter Kit and again this takes away the hassle away of what to, or not to purchase. This Ambitious kit provides you all you need for that lightweight simple run and gun shoot that requires minimal lighting. And whilst you're at it, this bundle will save you approximately £188.00. 

This great soft bundle provides you with two Profoto A2 lights, Clic Softbox with Grid for even tighter light control, the advanced Profoto Connect Pro Transmitter and a Creative Gel kit, for being, well..... creative! All this comes supplied in a FREE Profoto handy carry case.

The Profoto A2 uses the same Battery as the other Profoto A series lights such as A1, A1X and A10 etc, so in adding this kit to your system you can rest assured that you aren't taking different fitting batteries with you creating an easier flowing job.

The Profoto Clic Softbox is a superb and truly portable solution that provides more control than a umbrella, especially with this Grid included.

PLEASE NOTE: Please let us know which variant of Profoto connect you need, when placing the order, in 'order notes'.

Thank you.

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