Aputure F10 Glass Fresnel for Light Storm Series

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Aputure F10 Fresnel The First 10" Bowens Mount Fresnel THE FIRST EVER The Aputure F10 Fresnel is the first industry-standard 10-inch...
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Aputure F10 Fresnel

The First 10" Bowens Mount Fresnel

The Aputure F10 Fresnel is the first industry-standard 10-inch Fresnel made for modular Bowens Mount fixtures. With its wide 250mm (9.84in.) glass Fresnel, the F10 both immensely intensifies the output of a point-source LED, but also results in a quality of light lighting technicians will find similar to a Tungsten 5K or Studio 2K.

The F10 Fresnel functions at its best when paired with the Aputure LS 600d Pro, a 600W Daylight COB LED. Together, this combination eclipses Studio 2K Tungsten lights, and approaches the intensity of 5K Tungsten fixtures at flood. With a combined flood output of 11,440 lux and spot output of 29,300 lux at 3 meters, The 600d Pro and F10 Fresnel even compete on par with higher-powered HMIs.

The F10 Fresnel matches the unique design of the Fresnel 2X, utilising a two-stage optical system to maximise light output. Utilising a rear aspherical focusing element, the F10 Fresnel optimises the output of an LS 600d Pro to fill the front Fresnel Element, resulting in up to 340% additional output in Flood mode.

To ergonomically and precisely adjust its variable 15°-45° beam angle, the F10 Fresnel uses Aputure’s helicoid focus design introduced in the Fresnel 2X. This seamless design requires no extra knobs or handles. Simply twist the lens ring, and adjust the spot/flood controls.

Building on our experience from the Fresnel 2X, the F10 Fresnel uses an offset ventilation design in its heat-resistant body that allows for airflow while minimising light leaks.

Despite its impressive 250mm (9.84in.) Fresnel diameter, the F10 Fresnel maintains a compact heat-resistant construction. The shell of the F10 can withstand the heat of the LS 600d Pro, and due to its collapsible, and aspherical focusing lens, it can stow away to a depth of 6.8 inches (172.5mm).

Another of many "firsts", the F10 Fresnel is also the first Bowens Mount Fresnel to feature an industry-standard drop-in accessory slot. This heavy-duty accessory slot allows users to mount the F10 Barn Doors on the Fresnel for proper light shaping, and can even fit a 13-inch (330mm) scrim.

Made to follow you onto any film set, the F10 Fresnel comes packed inside a heavy-duty carrying bag for easy travel.

Main Features

  • Up to 29,300+ lux @ 3 Meters with the Aputure LS 600d Pro (15° Spot Beam Angle)
  • 15°-45° Spot-Flood Variable Beam Angle
  • 10" (250mm) Glass Fresnel Lens: The surface area of the 10" front Fresnel element matches larger traditional Fresnel fixtures like tungsten 5Ks. The larger lens can even increase the output lux up to 10 times
  • Dual Lens Optical System for Maximum Light Output: A rear optical element optimises the beam angle of a flat-chip point-source LEDs for the front Fresnel lens
  • Compatible with the Bowens Mount LED lights, such as the Aputure LS 600d Pro, 300d II, 300x, 120d II, etc.
  • Compatible with F10 Barn Doors: Utilising a die-cast metal front ring and drop-in accessory slot to makes it compatible with the F10 Barn Doors
  • Seamless, Ergonomic Focusing: The F10 Fresnel uses the same helicoid focusing mechanism found on the Fresnel 2X, for a smooth, precise spot/flood experience
  • Heat-resistant Design: Composed of durable, heat- resistant materials, the F10 Fresnel can withstand the high-wattage point source lights like the LS 600d Pro
  • Durable Carrying Bag: The F10 Fresnel comes packaged inside an specially designed padded fabric carrying bag

In the Box

  • 1 x F10 Fresnel
  • 1 x F10 Fresnel Carrying Bag

      Please note: Lighting stand and light not included. Shown for illustration purposes only.

            Aputure F10 Glass Fresnel for Light Storm Series
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