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HiGlide 18m (60ft) Rubberised 10amp Mains Cable with UK C15 Mains Plug (BW-2682)

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HiGlide 18m (60ft) Rubberised 10amp Mains Cable (BW-2682)Designed To Work In Harmony With Your HiGlide System The HiGlide 18m (60ft) Rubberised...
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HiGlide 18m (60ft) Rubberised 10amp Mains Cable (BW-2682)
Designed To Work In Harmony With Your HiGlide System

The HiGlide 18m (60ft) Rubberised 10amp Mains Cable is a high quality mains cable that is designed to work in harmony with your HiGlide system. Cheaper PVC type cables will in time provide resistance to your system meaning that your lighting fixture will not be so easy to place, or keep placed.

Even something as simple as a mains cable can still be considered correct, or incorrect. While money can be saved with cheap PVC style cables over time they will act exactly like a spring, meaning your lighting fixture, or HiGlide Rails will be under a constant force, meaning where you place your light fixtures isn't necessary where they stay. 

Supplied with a standard 13amp UK mains plug and a standard C15 type male plug (kettle style) that easily attaches to almost all Profoto, Elinchrom, Broncolor, Godox, Aputure etc. Figure of '8' style adapters can also be purchased. 

It's worth noting that this cable also easily attaches to our Pantographs, carriages and HiGlide Cable Transfer Runners (BW-2607).

Definitely a worthwhile extra and highly recommend. 

Main Features

  • 18m in length (60ft)
  • Rubberised, which prevents kinking, unlike cheap PVC mains cables
  • C15 Notched Kettle Type male end for most lighting fixtures
  • Supplied with standard 13amp 3pin UK Mains plug
  • Unlike PVC Cables this does not act like a giant spring
  • Recommend with any new HiGlide installation
  • Made in the UK


About HiGlide

Remove the need for lighting stands and trailing wires. The HiGlide rail system increases your shooting space and transforms your studio into an efficient working environment. Learn more here.

HiGlide is an innovative system designed in 1980! Now owned, manufactured and distributed by AJ's Studio & Camera Supplies of Bruton, Somerset. This system has withstood the test of time and is an industry standard name and first choice for most Professional Studios, Schools, Colleges, Universities, and other UK institutions.

As our HiGlide system is made in the UK, we have full control on the quality of our product range. All current components are completely compatible with any HiGlide system, no matter what era it was purchased.

Call or email for a system wide quotation.

HiGlide 18m (60ft) Rubberised 10amp Mains Cable with UK C15 Mains Plug (BW-2682)
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