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HiGlide Cable Transfer Runners (Pack of 5)

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HiGlide Cable Transfer Runners (Pack of 5) (BW-2607) 

The HiGlide Cable Transfer Runners are supplied in a pack of five with the rubber coupler bands for each Transfer Runner. Typically the installation technician would use two packs of Cable Transfer Runners per light rigged. This equates to - one pack on the moveable floating rail, and one pack attached to the fixed rail. Combined with the Top Cable Carriage and HiGlide End Stops, this will when rigged correctly provide the ultimate cable movement without snagging, or excessive cable hang. 

Also: Check out our HiGlide Small Band and Fixing Tool. A useful accessory and thumb saver!


  • ALL NEW Double Bearing Design
  • Compatible With Any HiGlide System
  • Easy attach during build, or after build
  • Designed to work with standard 10-13amp mains flexible cabling
  • Easy Run Bearing Design
  • 100% Made in the UK
  • Max load 300g

NOTE 1: The HiGlide Cable Transfer Runners are another relatively seemingly insignificant item, that actually forms the backbone of any correctly installed Ceiling Tracking System. Without these your Ceiling Tracking system becomes a a glorified support system, whereas a correctly specified and installed system is an easy, safe, clutter free system and efficient in everyday use.

NOTE 2: Floating movable rails should be locked with one Double Brake Carriage to stop lateral movement, but still allowing forwards, backwards and pivotable movements. This is done to stop rails sliding and hitting walling, and or curtains. Where a 'fixed support rail' crosses a ‘floating movable rail’ a double carriage is required, found here


About HiGlide

Remove the need for lighting stands and trailing wires. The HiGlide rail system increases your shooting space and transforms your studio into an efficient working environment. Learn more here.

HiGlide is an innovative system designed in 1980! Now owned, manufactured and distributed by AJ's Studio & Camera Supplies of Bruton, Somerset. This system has withstood the test of time and is an industry standard name and first choice for most Professional Studios, Schools, Colleges, Universities, and other UK institutions.

As our HiGlide system is made in the UK, we have full control on the quality of our product range. All current components are completely compatible with any HiGlide system, no matter what era it was purchased.

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