Manfrotto Syrp Magic Carpet Carbon + Ext Medium (60-120cm) SYKIT-0015H

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Manfrotto Syrp Magic Carpet Carbon + Ext Medium (60-120cm) SYKIT-0015H

The Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre slider is a versatile, feather-light option for the intrepid time-lapse photographer and filmmaker. Endlessly extendable, and packed away to 60cm sections, the Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre means never having to sacrifice camera gear for suitcase space again. 

  • Infinitely extendable for longer tracking moves
  • Extremely portable and lightweight construction and design
  • Seamless join keeps shots silky smooth and stable
  • In-built counterweight system for using vertically
  • Interchangeable end caps &carriages with Aluminum Magic Carpet

Complete with a 60cm track and 1 x 60cm extension the Magic Carpet Carbon kit gives you ultimate flexibility for travel and tracking distance of up to 120cm. Included are up to 4 points for mounting tripods using the brackets that connect the two rails together to make sure your setup is sturdy and free from any twist or shake.

Manfrotto Syrp Magic Carpet Carbon + Ext long SYKIT-0015H Includes

  • 1 x Magic Carpet Carbon Track (60cm)
  • 1 x Magic Carpet Carbon Extension (60cm)
  • 1 x Magic Carpet Carriage
  • 2 x Magic Carpet End Caps
  • 1 x Magic Carpet Reversible Screw
  • 1 x Counter Weight Rope 3m
  • 1 x Setup Guide


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