Nanlite Pavotube II 30X 2Kit RGBWW Tubelight

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Nanlite Pavotube II 30X 2Kit RGBWW TubelightLong Enough to Reach the Boundary of the Imagination The NanLite PavoTube II X finally...
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Nanlite Pavotube II 30X 2Kit RGBWW Tubelight
Long Enough to Reach the Boundary of the Imagination

The NanLite PavoTube II X finally makes its debut after three years' evolution
over its predecessor. Getting closer to original PavoTubes users and listening to
their needs are our way of making innovations to light up
every inspiration sparkle from creators.

Based on original PavoTube, in addition to the original design of 2ft and 4ft,
PavoTube II X also brings 60X of 8ft, which discovers an unknown altitude
with its length.

Unlocking Inspiration with Pixel Control

To help creators explore more possibilities and create a naturally floating scene,
PavoTube II X adds pixel control to the lighting effects.
A variety of practical simulation effects adds more options to your creativity.
Each pixel effect can be freely defined and transformed,
with multiple parameters to achieve accurate and wonderful effects.

Multiple Connections Intelligent Control Stimulating Infinite Potential

PavoTube II 15X/30X/60X features a brand-new interface in the light body design
and supports wired DMX/RDM for more stable control and wireless control via Bluetooth, 2.4GHz with the NANLINK APP.
This level of professional manipulation enables the creative ideas in your mind to blossom quickly through your fingertips.

Built-in Battery, Making Wonderful Shoots Happen at Anytime Anywhere

PavoTube II 15X/30X/60X has a built-in battery that allows you to walk with power,
without being tied down by cables. Wherever you go, the lighting goes on.

Octagonal Design

The exterior of PavoTube II X follows the octagonal design concept of PavoTube II 6C,
allowing the light to be placed from multiple angles.

Standard 1/4-20 Mount Receiver

On the back and both ends of PavoTube II X exists a total of three 1/4-20 mount receiver. With a diverse but common and customized range of accessories
that satisfying different shooting requirements and applications.
PavoTube II 15X/30X 2KIT Contents:
2 x PavoTube II 15X/30X
2 x Power Adapter
2 x Power Adapter Rubber Strap
2 x Power Cable 3M
2 x Clip
4 x Eyebolt
1 x Carrying Bag
1 x User Manual
Nanlite Pavotube II 30X 2Kit RGBWW Tubelight
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