Profoto Pro-D3

The Relentless Studio Workhorse

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Profoto Pro-D3 1250

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Profoto Pro-D3 1250 Monolight

Buy the Profoto Pro-D3 1250 Monolight Directly from the Largest Official Independent Profoto Brand Specialist In The UK. Fast Delivery. 2 Year Warranty.

The Relentless Studio Work Horse

The Pro-D3 is Profoto's first-ever industrial-grade powerhouse of a monolight, designed to work relentlessly in the most demanding high-volume production environments. 

With a flash capacity of 1250 Ws and a recycling time as short as 0,01 sec, the Pro-D3 delivers frequency at speed for hours on end, making it optimal for high-volume shoots. At the same time, the three flash parameters resemble the flexibility of creative choice: for increased equipment lifetime and color consistency, run it in default flash mode (ECO); when in need of a little more power, toggle to Boost mode; to eliminate motion blur, thrive off the shortest flash duration to this day in Freeze mode. 

The Pro-D3 also features a very power-efficient LED-modeling light. It shines brighter than a 400-watt halogen lamp with only 15% of the power consumption. Beyond saving energy costs, this keeps light shapers cool and extends their lifetime. Additionally, the modeling light has a fixed daylight-balanced color temperature and spreads light like a flash, which gives an authentic representation of the light in the final shot.

Choose between full flash power or accent light; the 11 f-stop range, fine-tuned with 0.1 f-stop precision, provides nuances. For seamless synchronization between devices, the Pro-D3 is equipped with Profoto’s latest user interface and AirX technology, which gives way to a hassle-free workflow.


  • ECO, Boost, and Freeze Mode
  • LED with 6,300 lm output
  • 750 Ws or 1250 Ws flash capacity
  • 11 f-stop range with 0.1 f-stop precision
  • Compatible with Profoto AirX
  • 0,01-1,5 seconds recycling time
  • High grade quartz flashtube

Determined. Dependable. Durable. 

Built from the ground up with the rigours and demands of large e-commerce studios a key design consideration. It truly delivers in every aspect required by industrial studios which need to deliver high-end, high-volume image content.


Product Walkthrough

Rely On Relentless

Relentless Speed

When high volume is demanded, the Pro-D3 delivers. A flash recycling time of 0,01 seconds and a flash duration of 1/75 000 second means you eliminate motion blur entirely with the shortest flash duration of any flash in Freeze Mode.

Relentless Power

To have the Pro-D3 in your setup means you have a reliable powerhouse at your disposal that delivers high-quality output consistently and frequently with the 750/1250 Ws flash capacity, in the LED-modeling light, and in the 11 f-stop range.

Relentless Power

Count on Pro-D3 to handle shoots that span over weeks, months even. Its high-grade components will ensure consistent color and light for high-end, high-volume image content creation, and rest assured, your results will speak volumes. 

Images Shot With The Profoto Pro-D3