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Matthews Mini Matthellini Clamp - 2" End Jaw with 3/8: thread (420211)

Matthews Mini Matthellini Clamp - 2" End Jaw with 3/8: thread (420211)

Price: £47.52
List Price: £52.80
discounts info
Discounts info
Price: £47.52
List Price: £52.80
Discount: £5.28 (10.00%)

ORBITVU Software


Software & Hosting

ORBITVU's custom software manages 360° product image creation and editing; cross-platform and cross-browser online delivery. Our hosting packages and server applications carry out the fast, high volume content serving.



ORBITVU's web interface for showing top-quality interactive 360° packshots to customers. Cross-browser and cross-device with no extra plugins or configuration.


Key Features include:

Spin and zoom into products intuitively and effortlessly.

No plugins required.

Full screen mode included.

HTML5 and Flash implementations.

Works perfectly across desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Compatible with Android and iOS.



ORBITVU’s control centre. Capture images, record live video, change lighting*, post-produce both 2D and 360° presentations and exports everything to the Sun Server, all with just a few clicks of your mouse.


Key Features include:

Capture, edit and export in one seamless program.

Batch automation.

Native for Mac and PC OS - faster & more stable.

Compatible with Canon & Nikon DSLRs.

Option to edit and export non-Orbitvu image sequences.






ORBITVU's fast server software and hosting package helps you publish, share and send your ORBITVU presentations.

Key Features include:

Quickly import to the cloud from any device.

The ability to create your own 360°/3D views and ORBITTOURs from your own 2D images in the cloud.

Simple management of all 2D / 360° / 3D product photography.

The ability to create interactive product guides (ORBITTOURs).

Access to viewing statistics.

Direct sharing to social media.

Easy embedding, publishing and sharing thanks to intergrated link and code generators.

Maximum uploading and viewing speeds with consistant full-readiness for use in mass communication.


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