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Buy a Profoto A2 or A10 and get 
Free Profoto Clic light shaping tools of your choice up to the value of £280 inc VAT

We are delighted to announce a fantastic Profoto deal on their most portable monolight and round-headed on-camera flash as we head towards spring.

Offer available from 01/02/2024 - 30/04/2024.

How it works

  • Add either a Profoto A2 or A10 to your cart
  • The Profoto Clic offer will be automatically added to your cart
  • Purchase your order
  • Email with your order reference number, and state which Profoto Clic items* for the list below you would like to receive with your order, (Ts&Cs apply).
  • If the value of the Proforo Clic items chosen exceeds £280 inc. VAT, we will contact you and ask you to make a payment of the difference in cost value. Once you have made the additional payment we will dispatch your order.
  • If the value of the Proforo Clic items chosen is equal to or below £280 inc. VAT, we will dispatch your order.

Your Choice

When you buy a Profoto A2 or A10 you get free Profoto Clic light shaping tools upto the value of £280 inc VAT. If you choose Clic light shaping tools in any combination over the value of £280 inc VAT, you will need to pay the remaining cost over and above £280 inc VAT. Below is a list of Profoto Clic light shaping tools which qualify as part of this offer.

Product number  Product name/Product description  Price ex. VAT  Price inc. VAT 
101307 Clic OCF Adapter II £225.00 £270.00
101207 Soft Bounce £124.17 £149.00
101230 Clic Dome £33.33 £40.00
101219 Clic Grid 20° £32.50 £39.00
101303 Clic Softbox 2 Octa £232.50 £279.00
101304 Clic Softgrid 2 Octa £99.17 £119.00
101318 Clic Softbox 2.3 Octa £282.50 £339.00
101320 Clic Softgrid 2.3 Octa £115.83 £139.00
101319 Clic Softbox 2.7 Octa £312.50 £375.00
101321 Clic Softgrid 2.7 Octa £140.83 £169.00
101305 Clic Snoot £45.83 £55.00
101306 Clic Barndoor £62.50 £75.00
101308 Clic Magnum £145.83 £175.00
101310 Clic Fresnel £65.83 £79.00
101312 Clic Gel Holder £79.17 £95.00
101313 Clic Grid Kit £62.50 £75.00
101314 Clic CTO Kit £79.17 £95.00
101315 Clic Color Effects Kit £158.33 £190.00
101316 Clic Color Correction Kit £112.50 £135.00

For more details please contact your us at AJ's for more details:

01749 813044

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