Broncolor P Travel Reflector (33.103.00)

Broncolor P Travel Reflector (33.103.00)

Price: £99.60
Weight: 0.350 Kgs
Code: 33.103.00

Broncolor P-Travel Reflector (33.103.00)

Broncolor P-Travel reflector, slightly textured open reflector, optimised for Pulso G, Unilite and Minicom. Easy to handle, small and light to take on location, this reflector has a high output and a light angle of 55°. It can be combined with barn doors.

 Shipped direct from our supplier – available within 2 to 4 weeks

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Key features:-
light angle 55°
dimensions ø 19.5 x 9 cm (7.7 x 3.5”)

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