Broncolor L40 Standard Reflector for Siros (33.115.00)

Broncolor Barn Doors with 4 wings for L40 Reflector (33.119.00)

Price: £144.00
Weight: 1.000 Kgs
Code: 33.119.00

Barn Doors with 4 Wings that fit to the L40 Reflector for use with the Broncolor Siros heads.

 Shipped direct from our supplier – usually held in stock, but please contact us for an accurate ETA

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The range of accessories for the L40 standard reflector for Siros became expanded. Not only honeycomb grids with different light angles are available but now also a barn door with 4 wings.

By a simple tension spring the barn door is safely fixed in the reflector; nevertheless, it can be rotated by 360° and, therefore, may be put into any required position. The wings are cut in a way that they may be shut closely and then prevent optimally from undesired, laterally emitted stray light, similar to a simple conical snoot.

On request, every single wing can easily be removed from the base plate.

Each angle of the base plate bears also a clamp - therein, square filters with a side length of 17.6 cm may be mounted perfectly. 

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