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Godox AD600Pro Flash Light

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Godox AD600Pro Flash Light

Godox AD600Pro TTL features a flash energy of 600Ws. It allows you to trigger up to 360 flashes at full power, and the charging time to full flash power is 0.01~0.9 sec. It is equipped with 38W LED modeling light. In stable color temperature mode, its color temperature variation varies between +/-75K over the entire power range. It is compatible with TTL systems of many camera systems.

The Godox AD600Pro is characterized by a very short charging time, high efficiency and repeatability of the flash in the entire range of power. It is a very versatile tool that meets even the most demanding professional requirements.

System X
With the built-in System X receiver, the flash can also be remotely controlled and triggered using TTL and HSS automation (up to 1/8000s using System X) from a distance of up to 100m. Compatibility with automatic flash metering means the flash can be used in rapidly changing circumstances.

Advanced features
A unique feature of the AD600 Pro TTL is the very high stability and repeatability over the entire flash energy adjustment range. In situations where high precision and uniformity of light is required, the user can activate Color Mode. In this setting, regardless of what power is set the flash will maintain color temperature within a range of +/-75K. When using the standard mode, the fluctuation range is set to 5600 +/-200K.

Professional tool
In addition, the flash is capable of long bursts regardless of the mode and is able to recharge extremely quickly. After triggering a full power flash, the AD600 Pro TTL becomes ready in 0.9s. This keeps the flash duration short and the flash will also work well when you need to freeze fast moving subjects in your photos. The minimum flash duration of the AD600 Pro TTL is only 1/10100 sec (at t0.1 and 1/256 power) which is sufficient in most situations.

Flash head
The flash is equipped with a newly designed flash head that allows you to effectively use all available light modifiers. It is protected against mechanical damage by a glass cover. Its front is made of glass with a white, milky surface which translates to even light distribution. Flash head replacement is possible and can be done without tools.

Modeling light
The AD600 Pro TTL is equipped with a maximum LED modeling light of 38W which is the equivalent of a 500W halogen bulb. This light can be controlled manually or proportionally to the set flash energy.

Power supply
The AD600 Pro TTL is powered by a 2600mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery that when fully charged provides up to 370 full power flashes. When the battery is depleted, it can be easily replaced with another one and it takes about 3 hours to recharge (using the charger provided).

AD600Pro is compatible with any modifier with Bowens mount. The set includes a new type of reflector with a diameter of 5 inches. It is a small and handy modifier which provides a wide beam of light.

The flashbody is made of high quality plastic. The large LCD screen is easy to read even in strong ambient light. The light modifier mount and the lightstand holder are made of metal, which guarantees high durability of the construction. The bracket allows for infinite adjustment of the lamp angle and is strong enough to hold even very large softboxes.


  • Flash Unit
  • Flash tube
  • Lithium battery pack
  • Charger Power cable
  • Reflector
  • Instruction Manual