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Product Photography Kits

ORBITVU MINI, MIDI, MAXI and MAXI 3D are the only complete kits capable of adapting any photo studio to deliver automated, professional 2D / 360° / 3D product photography.

No other similar kits on the market come with a fully integrated software offering advanced editing features for both single packshots and entire series of photos taken from different angles.

Equipped with top-quality drives, they offer multiple solutions to streamlining work with product photography, even as early on as preparing the photo session, through to creating and editing photos or presentations to managing entire sessions, facilitating co-operation with a customer and publishing shots to the internet. 

The kits are designed for photographers who are frequently dealing with significant amounts of packshots and 360° work, as well as for those who want to expand their scope of provided photographic services. They are also often used by corporate clients, retailers and e-commerce enterprises that have their own in-house studio (or at least studio lighting system) and who are constantly dealing with products of different sizes that cannot otherwise be photographed using the ORBITVU ALPHASHOT compact photography studios.

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